Advancement Items have always been extremely hard to find Sun Stone in Pokemon games, yet in Pokemon Go, Niantic has made them significantly more challenging to get as there’s not a particular place to visit to find them like in the mainline games.

In Pokemon go, the Sun Stone is a special advancement Stone. You can use it to advance such Pokemon before adding it to your Pokemon assortment. In this post, we are going to have a more critical gander at how to get Sun Stone in Pokemon Go, what’s the utilization of having a Sun Stone, which Pokemon can create with sinnoh stone pokemon go and more.

Sun Stone

How to Get a Sun Stone in Pokemon Go

Sun Stones can be acquired by spinning Whimsicott PokeStops and Gyms and occasionally as Field Infinite Classroom. With a measly 1% drop rate, getting your hands on one of the stones is a very inconvenient task. Matters are made all the more awful by the fact that they drop alongside the game’s other Evolution Items, meaning your chances of getting one are a lot slimmer as you could wind up with an alternate thing instead.

Here are our tips to getting a Sun Stone fast:

  • Spin as many PokeStops and Gyms as you can.
  • Visit a popular area where there are a ton of PokeStops, allowing you to maximize the amount you can spin in a short period of time.
  • On the 7-day streak of your PokeStop Daily Bonus, you’ll get a special Evolution Item. Assuming you’re fortunate, it may very well be the Sun Stone!
  • There are a portion of the time occasion tip top Field Research tasks that reward Evolution Items like the Sun Stone, so watch out for them.

Sun Stone

What are the Evolution iTems in Pokémon GO and what Do They do?

In February 2017, Niantic released a second generation of Pokemon. Eight of these come from improvements and in addition to the usual candy, they also require particular “advancement things”. There are five improvement things.

What is the Best Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go?

It really makes one can’t help thinking about what you’re using it for. A significant part of the utilization for Mega improvements rises out of the raid-wide buff to same-type attacks. So any reasonable individual would agree that Mega Charizard X is the most generically valuable, since it buffs Dragon attacks. Say you’re fighting a Genesect, however, and you’d want Mega Charizard Y since it causes better Fire-type harm. Of course Mega Blastoise for Heatran, or Mega Venusaur for, say, Kyogre.

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