Gamertag to Another Microsoft Account

Microsoft administrations can take up a quite huge piece of your advanced insight, particularly assuming you are moving gamertag to another microsoft account, a Windows based PC or Tablet, add xbox gamertag to microsoft account or a Windows phone.

Is the email an outsider email like hurray or gmail or is it a Microsoft email like viewpoint or Hotmail. Assuming it is outsider you can change the account email at under your information Manage how you sign in to Microsoft. Assuming it is a Microsoft address and you change the email that email will vanish so don’t change assuming you are utilizing that email.

To be clear, I would rather not simply change the email on the grounds that my mother actually transfer xbox account to new email account for different things and I as of now have my own Microsoft account. I really want to move my X-box live gamer tag to my own Microsoft account.

Move Gamertag to Another Microsoft Account Xbox One

Gamertag to Another Microsoft Account

  1. From your Xbox, go to the settings menu and afterward open up the account menu.
  2. From this menu head to “Your data” and open “Account security”, and afterward select “Microsoft account”.
    Here you will change the gamertag to another microsoft account
  3. When incited, select “Yes”, demonstrating that you have another Microsoft account.
    • Enter this now and select “Sign in”.
  4. Enter the email address and the secret phrase for this account and afterward pick “Sign in”.
  5. When incited, pick “Yes” to affirm that you need to move gamertag to another microsoft account.
  6. On the last screen, you can either refresh your contact subtleties in the event that they are wrong or decide “Done” to finish the interaction.
    • The change might require a couple of moments to reflect across all of your Microsoft gadgets.

Gamertag to Another Microsoft Account

How do you transfer Xbox One saved data from one account to another?

The save information on XB1 accounts are worked with automatically through distributed storage Microsoft has for profiles/accounts. So if both your XB1 with your account and the XB1 you are attempting to move your information to are associated with the web, your saved information for each game will be automatically moved and adjusted to the new XB1 when you send off a game you have information for while endorsed into your account.

I singed into my friend’s Xbox One console and forgot to sign out, how can I sign out from that console from my home?

  • Go to
  • Sign into your Microsoft account
  • Click your profile symbol close to the top left and afterward press “My Microsoft Account”
  • Look down a piece until you see “Gadgets” and afterward press “All Devices”
  • Observe the gadget that your companion utilizes and select the three specks on top of that spot
  • Select “Remove Xbox”

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